Emergency Dentistry

Emergency Dentistry in Dallas, TX

Do you know where to go if you wake up on the weekend with a toothache or your child breaks a tooth after falling? Fortunately, our emergency dentists in Dallas, TX, offer emergency dentistry to take care of your after-hour needs at Yes Dental.

What is a Dental Emergency?

You must understand what a dental emergency is before going to an emergency dentist. Dentists don’t do regular procedures during emergency hours unless they consider it necessary. If a dental issue occurs and is bleeding and/or painful, it most likely is an emergency. For instance, if your child falls and hits a tooth, but there is no bleeding, it isn’t out of position, but there is discomfort, you should try giving them a non-prescription pain reliever. If it doesn’t reduce your pain, visit our emergency dental office near you to check the tooth.

Missing or Broken Restoration Pieces

If you have a trauma that occurs and you’re missing or have a broken dental crown, filling, or bridge, it may be an emergency.    

Missing Fillings

Losing a filling is always an emergency because it gives more strength to a tooth with decay damage, but it keeps decay from spreading throughout the tooth to the gums. As soon as you realize the filling is missing, contact our dentists near you to get the tooth refilled.    

Missing or Damaged Crowns

A dental crown often provides strength and structure to teeth damaged from trauma or decay. However, some people also use them to make their teeth aesthetically pleasing. If you’re missing a crown or one is broken, determine if the problem is an emergency. If there is bleeding and you’re in discomfort, you should go to Yes Dental for emergency help.    

Broken Bridges

The middle teeth in a bridge are pontics, which are hollow. The pontics can break or go missing if you’re in an accident or get hurt while playing sports. Assess your level of discomfort and bleeding before going to our emergency dental care in Dallas, TX. Our dentists at Yes Dental are happy to help you recover after a trauma that results in a dental emergency. If you have bleeding, an extreme toothache, or broken teeth, or you require emergency tooth extraction, visit us during our emergency hours on weeknights and on the weekends.
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