Dental Sealants

Dental Sealants in Dallas, TX

Did you know that as a parent, there is one appointment you can make right now to help preserve the health and beauty of your child’s smile into adulthood? Our dentists near you at Yes Dental can quickly apply a pain-free dental tooth sealant to the surface of your child’s teeth that guarantees protection against decay for up to 10 years!

A Great Cost-Saving Measure

Parents tell our dentists in Dallas, TX, every day that the Yes Dental team helped them save money in the long term with dental sealants. It’s estimated that the cost to repair a tooth that’s become damaged by decay can be up to four times more expensive than one application of dental sealant near you. Keep in mind, that’s the cost of one tooth being repaired. Imagine the cost savings when multiple teeth need treatment for dental decay!

Diligent Brushers Love the Added Protection

Even if your little one brushes twice a day the way that you and your dentists have demonstrated, it’s almost impossible for them to reach the many nooks and crannies on their back teeth. Rather than facing the possible disappointment of a decayed tooth, even when they did their best, why not let our dentists at Yes Dental provide added peace of mind that every measure is being taken to protect against cavities?

Stop Dental Anxiety Before It Starts

If your child has started to demonstrate hesitation about visiting their dentist, getting a pain-free treatment of dental sealants is a great way to keep the anxiety from developing into something that could worsen over time.

Also, since children love to mimic the bravery of their mom or dad, you can help your child gain confidence when you schedule back-to-back appointment times for your own treatment and theirs. That way, they’ll see first-hand how easy and fun it was for you to receive dental sealants near you.

We Are Here for You

Whether you’re looking for a way to control costs against future dental work or the embarrassment that often accompanies dental cavities, our dentists are here to provide comprehensive dentistry for every member of your family. We invite you to make an appointment with Yes Dental now to learn more.

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