Helpful Care Tips for Your Braces

October 30, 2023

If your child has just gotten braces, they are on their way to getting a gorgeous smile. When they have their braces or Invisalign® on, they must follow some important guidelines to avoid damage.

When You’ve Just Worn Braces

For example, in the first few days after wearing the new braces, your child may experience some slight discomfort or tenderness in the teeth or gums. This is natural and will disappear once your tongue and oral cavity get adjusted to the braces.

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Braces Care Tips

You can help your child care for their braces by following these tips:

  1. Brush with the 2-by-2 Rule

Your child can remove the Invisalign® braces, soak them in water, and brush their teeth for two minutes twice every day. Once they finish brushing, they can re-insert the clear aligners. In the case of traditional braces, they can remove the wires and brush as thoroughly as possible under the plates.

  1. Use Mouthwash and Floss

The toothbrush’s bristles cannot reach every crevice, and trapped food particles may result in decay. Flossing thread can remove tiny food debris stuck between teeth and near the gums. Similarly, rinsing with mouthwash can reach hard-to-access parts of the oral cavity and minimize the development of cavities.

  1. Check the Braces Often

If the braces do not feel comfortable or they are damaged, please contact our dentists in Dallas, TX, for assistance.

  1. Watch the Foods You Eat

It’s best to avoid foods like popcorn, nuts, candies, bones, hard fruits, and sticky sweets, as these can damage your braces. Consider including soft foods like rice, pasta, yogurt, milk, tofu, and soft meats.

Also, it’s better to break food into smaller pieces with a fork to make it easier to chew. Avoid biting into large slices of pizza or directly into an apple. If your child’s mouth is still sore, please stick to cool or cold foods rather than hot, as this will help calm the soreness down.

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